W R I T T E N · W OR K



By Robert Ranieri, 2018

Painting called "Nightingale II"



From a distance the left half of this painting is dominated
by a large gray shape, like a massive tree trunk with a noticeable
slenderizing waistline which extends out the bottom of the canvas
and out of the top.

Two yellow shapes define this waistline. The one on the left retreats,
but because its bold black defining line is undercut by a bright red
vertical bar, it may be perceived as moving forward. The much larger
yellow that forms the right edge of the tree's waistline suggests a
rounded shield like shape as to project itself forward, yet at the same
time opens out into a more distant space, induced by a series of dark
small markings that are immersed in this yellow but can be understood
as moving freely.

Several triangular design elements can be seen. One very large that starts
at the bottom of the canvas and rises obliquely toward the upper left,
marked by vertically applied strokes of paint, turn to pink while
proceeding into the upper left corner. This triangulation is completed
by starting at bottom center and moving as configured elements to the
paintings right edge.

Another large triangle occurs within the paintings upper right quadrant.
The luminous dark blue oval 'eye' is propelled forward by the massive
triangle, with a hot red ovoid supported by a batch of darks boldly struck
and interspersed with daubs of pink. This triangular mass is completed at
its lower right corner by yet another small triangle formed by three
compressed head-masks.

My work is that of a romantic. I had been dubbed an incurable romantic
by friends decades ago. The subject matter and subsequent titles
of my painting and landscape architecture are sure indicators.
Check the grouping of my works on paper titled heads. Even though
rather abstract, the range of thought shown and titles given; and as one
example, the portrait head of Corinna, a sure indicator. This image and
title hark back to the Roman poet Ovid whose home town lay in the
valley below my mother's home town of Roccaraso, (central Appenine
mountains in central Italy), (now a ski resort).

I could not have done the work as seen on my website, if my backround
did not include romantic poetry, that underlies much of the arts. Our
supreme English language. Greater than all the rest.




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