W R I T T E N · W OR K



By Robert Ranieri, 2015


With the passage of time we become more aware of our patterns of thought
and behavior and our actions taken, when we look back.

The artist’s painting and shaping may result in new found images, developed
over time. My work emerges in cycles, and what had begun as routine landscape
has become reformed as landscape architecture, including paintings of earth, rock
and trees, and hardscape construction in areas adjacent to my house and studio and
areas beyond.

The subject of the ‘figure’ is shown to have evolved in my work beyond academic
studies and has continued to undergo varied transformations, driven and developed
with personal choices, influenced by three dimensional work made of iron and plaster
or concrete.

Dramatic effects are directed toward ‘situational’ conditions with the intersession
of quasi theatre like effects, where the staging may include references to classical
subjects, or contemporary situations juxtaposed with mythology.

The dramatic effects further a sense of mystery that may delay the viewer’s
discovery of the inner workings of the art.

Our creative imagination is stirred anew, and the viewer can discover some personal connections through looking at the artwork.

‘Places' we go to in life will disclose rich associations with past and current
events, and despite times of doubt, clarity of vision is a welcome outcome.




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