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The art of Robert Ranieri is formal: connexions between forms reveal a figure's construction and architectural context, permitting clear interior and exterior relationships. The artist's inspiration draws upon a lifelong passion for the classical world, from the grand panorama of its monumental edifices to the refinement of its timeless frescos. This vast and ancient civilization from Greece to Rome is society's very source of architecture, philosophy, language, mathematics, science, and art. And from this font of deep inspiration, Ranieri has generated a structured vocabulary of form built with color to depict and to sculpt narrative abstractions.

Music as an experience can be witnessed in this modernist work. A classically trained amateur singer, Ranieri has cultivated a reverence for the art of singing and for the musical notation itself which has shaped his art profoundly.






The interplay of figure and ground engages the observer. Elements appear to move forward and backward in diverse ways, drawing the viewer into the painting and into his or her own consciousness. This reciprocity creates conditions that advance the ongoing narrative. This is symbolism at its best, fully involving the spectator in endless permutations, fostering the ideal narrative abstraction.

Oscillating forces generate movement. Tensions between shape and color cause these very forces.

The abstract language that Ranieri has invented communicates uniquely the essence of the classical experience, transcending the physical limitations of realistic scale, space, and time.




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